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The Psychology of Branding

This project is an exploration of a psychological approach to brand identity design with an analysis of target demographics and the human response to colour, names, shapes, and typefaces. By  researching each of these elements of a brand identity I have designed two brands that target the same product to two different groups of consumers. In doing this I have shown how each of the details of a design communicates specific concepts to the human brain in attempt to create emotional and memory responses. 

Brand Story

Cortado is a coffee shop targeted to baby boomers. Cortado’s purpose is to provide consumers with a sophisticated coffee shop experience. Quality and customer service are of the highest importance. The brand will consist mainly of to go orders as well as the purchase of bags of coffee beans to be consumed at home. Cortado is elegant, slick and, above all delicious. Cortado uses only the finest roasted Italian beans. Consumers should feel that they are paying for a high quality product from a high quality brand. Cortado focuses mainly on traditional coffee beverages such as cappuccinos, lattes and, espressos. Simplicity is a key element of the brand as the company wishes for their outstanding product to speak for itself. 

Brand Story

Fiyeli is a coffee shop targeted to millennials. The consumer experience wile in the shop is of the highest importance to the brand, while the coffee should be delicious the focus is on a unique engagement while in the store. The brand would consist mainly of the orders consumed on the premiss rather than takeout orders. Fiyeli is passionate about individuality and positive global engagement. Fiyeli will make consumers proud to be associated with the brand. Every association with the brand should be positive and perpetuate the brand’s values down to the smallest details. Consumers should feel that they are paying for a unique experience that continues to evolve so they wish to return to the shop. One of the unique experiences that appeals to millennials is the addition of the nitro coffee taps. Nitro coffee is a cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen to create a beer like texture which is trendy, cool and more health conscious.

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