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Grow food everywhere.

VertiGrow is the next generation of vertical farming automation. Schedule cycles, track harvest readiness, get over-the-air updates, all from the comfort of your tablet or web browser.

Smart. Organic. High-Tech.

The VertiGrow brand identity was one that I wanted to feel high-tech, modern, and organic. Unifying the concept of organic growth and technology was an interesting challenge. I chose to do so by using the silhouette of circuits on a circuit board on top of two leaves that act as reflections of each other representing the unification of the company's hardware and software. I chose a sans-serif typeface that I modified to have an angular feel. Each added angle points upwards representing growth.

After working with VertiGrow in their brand identity I have proceeded to work on the designs for their user interface, corporate materials, website and social media content.

VertiGrow Logo-01.png
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