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Urban Paws Website

Woof* Sniff* Lick*

In November and December of 2018 I took a User Interface class at RED Academy. For my project I chose to design a website for a theoretical dog daycare and dog boarding centre called urban paws.

Playful. Fun.

Full of Personality.

For this project I designed the brand identity as well as the responsive website. I wanted the brand to feel playful and stand out against the several dog daycares already present in Toronto. A major way I chose to do this was with the colour palette. Many of the competing dog daycares choose green as their main colour as it is energetic as well as the colour of a grassy yard. I chose to take a different route and chose a muted orange which I drew from the orang-brown colour of some dog breed's fur and contrasted this with a cool and calming blue tone. I wanted to differentiate the brand by showing that it not only catered to young high-energy dogs but also older and slower dogs. Many daycares do not offer services to cater to this demographic, however many senior dogs need a high level of care which I have learned from my work as a dog sitter.

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