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Ottawa Community Pediatricians Network


that have each other's backs.

The Ottawa Pediatricians Network is a group of pediatricians that formed in 2020. The goal of the organization is to connect and learn within their community.

Child-friendly. Modern. Connected.

The major symbolism that I wanted to emphasize within this graphic identity was the concept of "having each other's backs". The client really felt that this was an important part of their organization so I chose to overlap several different human figures to demonstrate this concept. I chose to have their arms up in the air to give them an open and trustworthy energy. I placed a stethoscope around their necks to emphasize the fact that they are indeed physicians as this is a highly recognized symbol that represents the medical community. Finally, I felt that adding a bright child-like colour palette gave the logo a youthful exuberance that positioned them clearly as physicians that work with children. The typography I chose to use is a rounded sans-serif typeface that feels simultaneously modern and soft in nature as the organization wanted to give off a warm and caregiving energy while still feeling clean and modern.

OCPN Logo English - Colour - Light Backg
OCPN Logo French - Colour - Light Backgr
OCPN Logo Bilingual - Colour - Light Bac
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