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Diabits App

Why ride the glucose roller coaster?

Diabits is a diabetes management app which helps you to monitor blood sugar. Using machine learning it shows you your blood sugar up to 60 minutes ahead of time to help you avoid highs and lows.


Clear. Concise. Straight-Forward.

The goal of this app is to provide users with a seamless user experience. The app features both light and dark mode to allow the user to customize it to their preferences. I used crisp sans-serif typography to feel modern and be easy to read. I designed several icons to act as tags for the user's health information. Each icon is clearly differentiated by bright colours that dramatically contrast with the background. The rest of the app's elements are white for neutral information, red or yellow to indicate highs or lows and green to indicate when the user is within a healthy blood sugar range.

iPhone_X Mockup Light Left Facing.png
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