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Design for Health Care

As a daughter of two physicians I have always been passionate about finding ways to use my design skills to help patients. I have worked with several organizations to achieve this goal. From health apps, to patient education materials to branding projects for health care groups, organizations, initiatives, and clinics.

ACE Logo-02.png

Arthritis Consumer Experts is a national organization that provides free, science-based information and education programs in both official languages to people with arthritis. I have worked with the ACE team since 2020 and have produced numerous design works including patient newsletters (Joint Health Insight), social media design, logo designwebsite design for 8 websites, education materials etc. Below is a sample of some of these projects.

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Joint Health™ Insight

JHI Books-01.png
JHI Books 2-01.png
JHI Books 2-02.png
JHI Books-02.png
JHI Books-04.png
JHI Books-05.png
JHI Books-03.png
JHI Books-06.png
JHI Books-07.png
JHI Books-11.png
JHI Books-10.png
JHI Books-08.png

ACE National Survey Infographics

Survey Infographics-05.png
Survey Infographics-03.png
Survey Infographics-02.png
Survey Infographics-09.png
Survey Infographics-08.png
Survey Infographics-06.png
Survey Infographics-04.png
Survey Infographics-07.png

Arthritis Medications Report Card

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Diabits is a mobile app designed to manage continuous glucose monitor data and provide blood sugar predictions for individuals with diabetes. 

While working with Diabits I designed their logo, their website at the time and, their app user interface.

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TRCVA Logo.png

Since 2021 I have worked with The Rehabilitation Centre Volunteer Association (TRCVA) by designing their website as well as their charity event promotional graphics.

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TRCVA Cocktail Party.png
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Over the years I have worked on several logo designs for health care related organizations and initiatives.

Below is a sampling of some of these projects.

OCPN Logo Bilingual - Colour - Light Background.png
ABN Logo.png
Diabits Log_Wordmark (1).png
Compassionate Care Paediatrics_Logo.png
SACK Logo-01.png
AAH Logo.png
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